How to Crack SSC CGL 2015

crack ssc cgl 2015

How to Crack SSC CGL 2015

Strategy to Crack SSC CGL 2015

In the Present era of Competition, everyone is engaged in preparing himself for forthcoming Examinations throughout the year, no matter if it is Holi or Diwali we have to study regularly to acquire our dream job. But today is not the day when we simply study and work hard and get what we want because not just Hard Work but Smart work Leads you to the Success in this fashion of Cut-throat competition, don’t be scared my friends just believe on the saying “where there is a will there is a way” and follow just some tricks those I am going to discuss with you.
  1. Our focus is merely on SSC CGL 2015 nothing else adopting this point of view is the half journey to your Success. As when we decide something that we will achieve at any cost there is nothing what we can’t do. So friends you have just 3 months to prepare yourself for this, Boost up your mind, collect all weapons (Reference Books, other study material) and engage yourself overhead and ears, this time no one will beat you if you are ready to fight.
  1. Another thing when you are on a war, you must know your enemy well , so you should be aware about all previous Paper Patterns of SSC CGL, Here they are:
Download Previous Papers: (Tier I)
Download Previous Papers: (Tier II)
  1. When you know what is your exam consists of you can fight well, so now we will focus on each section 1 by 1 as it is believed when we do several thing at a time we can’t perform well in any one of them.
So divide your task into four Sections
  1. I.    Mental Ability
  2. II.    Quantitative Aptitude
  3. III.  English
  4. IV. General Awareness
Before going to attempt Paper I, we must set our mind that we are here in Examination hall to attempt around 125 Questions in 2 hours and to score around 100 to 110. Believe me guys this is enough for TIER I.
 Reasoning/General Intelligence:
 First we talk about Reasoning Section, this consists of 50 Marks. Just focus on points mentioned below:
  1. This Section is usually very easy but you shouldn’t underestimate this and must prepare to attempt about 45 questions at least and it’s not as tough as it sounds.
  2. Questions consists of:
  • Almost 5 Questions from Coding/Decoding
  • 2 to 3 from Analogy
  • 2 from Blood Relations
  • 1 to 2 from Calendar
  • 1 or 2 from Sitting Arrangement
  • 1 from Distance and Directions
  • 5 Questions from Syllogisms
  • In last of this Section 5 to 10 questions are from Non-verbal Reasoning, most easy part of this section is generally put in the last 10 questions, so if you find Start is tough you must start from Last of this section, this will really help you.
  1. Getting 40 marks is as easier in this Section as to attempt a 10th Level NDA Exam.
  2. Remember, this section easy, but it is a part of your exam so, here race is about time, and if you waste more than 40 minutes in this section you are trapped, so Make a habit to solve 50 questions of Previous Paper in just 35 to 40 minutes also time to darken circles in Answer sheet is included in 40 minutes.
Maths/Quantitative Aptitude:
       It is very important to plan how to attempt this section, as only this section can define your fate, so be attentive while attempting this section, I personally suggest you to attempt this section at last, and don’t get indulge in depth or don’t try to mess with any question in this section, just ignore the ones those are strange for you and in a quick reading find all those which are most familiar with you to be attempted.
Don’t be afraid of this section as I have listened from many candidates that this is a horrible experience to face this section, you need not worry, let me explain why?
  1. First thing you are not supposed to solve all these tough problems, just choose around 20 to 25 questions those are much easier than others.
  2. Attempt them all 25 question correctly as only this section is the one in which either you get the correct answer otherwise you will not get any answer.
  3. Focus on Trigonometry, Algebra section as these two topics are most easy part of this section and consists of 10 to 15 questions.
  4. Then attempt Percentage as it saves time to solve these questions, every year there are 2 or 3 questions on Percentage have been observed and they are based on just successive discounts.
  5. 1 to 2 easy questions on geometry are assured.
  6. Then Focus on Mensuration as this section will also help you in Tier II.
  7. Around 5 Questions on Data Interpretation (DI) are always fixed at last. Choose them to score more in much lesser time.
    Remember guys, you can’t score even 100 marks in SSC Tier I with just Reasoning and Maths, so you must be prepared to attempt GS and ENGLISH also.
Never focus on Conversational English (means Spoken or Behavioral) as it is not related to Competitive English, here you are supposed to have typical knowledge of Grammar, you must be able to identify Grammatical Errors in sentences.
Just follow these simple tips to attempt this section:
  1. Generally, English section is tough for those who have passed their Intermediate in Hindi Medium, but guys even I am from the same, but you Firm Decision can change the things.
  2. Read Newspaper on daily basis: don’t be afraid guys, you just need to read First Page and National Page, and if you find anything interesting in any news, just read that in depth.
  3. Reading Newspaper will help you a lot in Preparing for SSC Tier I and Tier II, as many ERROR detection questions are generally made on the basis of Grammar that is used in Newspaper.
  4. While Attempting English Section, Maintain your speed, don’t get slow as normally it takes just 25 minutes to attempt all 50 questions of English Section in Tier I.
  5. You can Follow Lucent Objective English for a Sure Shot Success and this book will bless you a great sense of detecting error in your first reading.
  6. Read more and More Passages, this will improve your speed in reading and understanding English and will speed you up to get at least 35 to 38 marks in English section in TIER I.
General Awareness:
First of all remember that you can’t score very much in GK because it is a subject which is so vast to cover and it is divided in many topics like history, geography, economics, political science, culture of INDIA, etc. and we know it is hard to prepare all these simultaneously, so guys don’t focus so seriously on general awareness. It takes a long time to prepare for all these. Even an IAS aspirant only attempt 30-40 in SSC Exams so don’t be upset if you have attempted less questions in previous year exams just focus for SSC CGL 2015 and here are the tips to improve general awareness:-
  1. When you are attempting GK Section in SSC CGL Exam never spend too much time for a single question. Read it in a fluent manner and think for just 5 seconds and if you find the question strange for you just leave it right away.
  2. You have 50 questions to read and you must not spare more than 15 – 20 minutes for them.
  3. Answer only when you are at least 90% sure that you know the answer, don’t just try to dark circle with half knowledge, this could decide your faith.
  4. Never think of this section as an opportunity to attempt all, as generally we think that we know the answer for every question but we are not 100% sure, please put your answer very carefully.
  5. Try to improve your general knowledge by reading newspaper daily, and discuss a new topic every day with your friends to boost up your knowledge.
  6. Read Monthly Magazine of the previous month from the Examination, like if you are going to attempt exam in April, read out a resourceful magazine for the Month of March.
  7. Focus on main Topics of this Section: The most important one is Indian Polity, then Five year Plans, Economy, Budget of the same year, after that a good knowledge of all other topics like: Geography, History and Biology are of Equal importance.
  8. Attempting above 20 is a good score in General Awareness.
So overall you should focus on this Exam as:
Attempt sections in this order:
  1.  English                                 30 - 35 Questions                                        20 - 25 minutes
  2. General Awareness              15 - 2o Questions                                          15 - 20 minutes
  3. Reasoning                              40 - 45 Questions                                           35 - 40 minutes
  4. Maths                                     20 - 25Questions                                            35 – 50 minutes
-Total:                               105 – 125                                              2 Hours    
In a nutshell, keeping you a safe side, you can observe from above that you should be on the 125 side. So, try to attempt almost 125 Questions in TIER I. And I strongly recommend you that you should not fall below 105.
I hope this blog helped you to prepare yourself better for this year CGL and I will publish a blog dedicated to TIER II also, stay updated and be in touch guys.
Thanks for giving your valuable time to read this blog, All the best guys!!!
A Request to the readers:
            Guys I wish you all will crack SSC CGL this year, prepare hard and if you find this blog even a little advantageous to you, please recommend other to read this, as may be it will help someone else to make a difference this year in SSC CGL 2015. As I believe that “Spreading knowledge is Enhancing knowledge.” 

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