Monday, January 25, 2016


1. Recently, in which area   6.8-magnitude earthquake knocked items off shelves and walls?
Answer. Alaska

2. Who won the Malaysia Masters Grand Prix Gold title after defeating Scotland’s Kristy Gilmour in straight games in the final?
Answer. P.V. Sindhu

3. India described the first amendment of which country Constitution as “welcome developments”?
Answer. Nepal

4. The government said it had netted how much amount of idle household and temple gold under the monetisation scheme?
Answer. 900 kg Gold

5. Fair trade regulator CCI has approved the proposed merger of which seed firm with agrochemical major UPL?
Answer. Advanta Ltd

6. According to the Asia Pacific 2016 Wealth Report, by New World Wealth, which is the top Asia Pacific city for the ultra-rich with 2,64,000 millionaires, while Mumbai and Delhi got featured in the 12th and 20th rank respectively?
Answer. Tokyo

7. Which is the, the country’s fifth-largest housing Finance Company, which may go for an initial public offering (IPO) in mid-2017?
Answer. PNB Housing Finance

8. Which Cab aggregator announced the launch of Share, its social ride-sharing platform in Chennai?
Answer. Ola

9. Which country is set to import more crude oil from Nigeria, already one of the biggest contributors to the country’s oil imports?
Answer. India

10. Name the Nepal’s ex-Prime Minister who announced a 35-member Interim Central Council of the party named ‘New Force Nepal’.
Answer. Baburam Bhattarai