Saturday, June 20, 2015

#SBI #PO #Exam #Review

SBI (PT) morning shift 9 am review
1 section English --- moderate
passage lengthy 10 marks --moderate
Two words substitution -5 M--easy
Error correction -5M--moderate
Sentence rearrangement-5M-easy to moderate
Close test--5M--easy
Reasoning --easy
Inequality--5M-dead easy
arrangement--line arrangement 7 members north side face -5M-very easy
2 arrangements --inside and outside and 8 members 8 jobs and 8 another are tuf in my point of view
blood relations 5 M- very easy
Directions (questions lengthy)-easy- 4M
Arithmetic moderate
Data Interpretation -10M--easy
Quadratic equations -5M -4 easy and 1 tuf
Simplifications --approximatioms - 5M -moderate
Remaining 1mark questions--moderate (some are easy and some are tuff)